Ana Laguna


Ana Laguna was born in Spain and began studying ballet for Maria de Avila and further she studied at the Real Ballet de Cámara in Madrid.

In 1974 she was offered work at the Cullberg Ballet, where she starred in leading roles in most productions. Her breakthrough came in 1976 in the set of St. George and the Dragon with choreography by Mats Ek. In 1981 she danced the title role along with Rudolf Nureyev in Birgit Cullberg’s version of Strindberg’s Miss Julie then, she has been praised in a variety of productions such as Swan Lake and Giselle, choreographed by Mats Ek. She has also danced internationally with other prominent dancers such as Mikhail Baryshnikov.
1996 Ana Laguna left the Cullberg Ballet and has since worked as an assistant choreographer in parallel with educational activities including the Paris Opera, the Opéra de Lyon and the Compania Nacional de Danza in Madrid. Ana Laguna received Carina Ari Medal 1987 Stockholm Cullberg Price 2002 Hovdansare in 2006 and awarded an honorary doctorate in the birth city of Saragossa. Ana Laguna is representing the Carina Ari Memorial Foundation during the competition.


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